3+ and 4+ Entry

Nursery (3+)

Assessment dates:

Tuesday 8th January 2019 (various times)

Wednesday 9th January 2019 (various times)

Offers will be posted: Wednesday 30th January 2019

Deadline to accept offer of place: 12 noon Wednesday 6th February 2019

Boys and girls start in September when they are three years old and have their fourth birthday in this academic year (between 1st September and 31st August).  Most children come to school full-time but some are part-time, mornings only, in the first term. The ratio of boys to girls is approximately 5:1.  After Nursery the girls move onto other local schools.

Reception (4+)

Assessment date: Thursday 10th January 2019 (various times)

Offers will be posted:  Friday 25th January 2019

Deadline to accept offer of place: 12noon Friday 1st February 2019

Each year there are approximately 30 new Reception places in addition to the boys coming up from our Nursery.


Every child is unique and we are looking for children who will flourish in our environment and take full advantage of our outstanding provision in the crucially important Early Years.

We take great care to look after the children and want them to enjoy their visit. We are happy for them to bring in a toy to share with us if this would help them to settle.

Children are observed playing in small groups in the classrooms and our staff engage them with a variety of resources, such as construction toys and role-play. We usually have a short music session and finish with the children sitting together and listening to a story.

We ask parents to provide a copy of their child's most recent school report and with parent permission we will contact each child's current setting. We understand that some young children will not be attending a nursery before visiting us.

Whilst the children are playing, parents stay for tea or coffee and staff are available to answer any queries.

Waiting List

Each year we have a short waiting list which we keep open for a few weeks. Boys who are not offered a place for Nursery are put back into the application process for Reception, and many are successful at this stage.

Parents of children joining the school in the Early Years are invited to an informal evening in the June prior to their child’s entry in September.