7+ and 8+ Entry

Each year we welcome approximately 20 boys to our Lower School in Year 3, and approximately 5 boys into Year 4.

Year 3 (7+)

Assessment dates:

Wednesday 16th January 2019  9.00am-2.00pm

Thursday 17th January 2019      9.00am-2.00pm

Friday 18th January 2019           9.00am-2.00pm

Offers will be posted: Friday 1st February 2019

Deadline to accept offer of place: 12 noon Friday 8th February 2019

Year 4 (8+)

Assessment date:

Wednesday 23rd January 2019         9.00am-2.00pm

Offers will be posted:  Friday 1st February 2019

Deadline to accept offer of place: 12noon Friday 8th February 2019


The purpose of the assessment is to make sure that the boys who join us will thrive in a selective school with high academic standards.

In our assessment, boys are invited to spend half a day with us. There are papers in Mathematics and English (including comprehension and writing a story) and boys will complete verbal and non-verbal reasoning tests on a computer. We also hear the boys read and give them an opportunity to play and have a look around the school. Boys also have the chance to play some ball games in the sports hall and join in some fun singing in the music department. Each boy meets the Head of Lower School (Years 3 and 4) for an informal chat. The Heads of Years 3 and 4 and other Dulwich Prep staff also meet the boys in various contexts throughout the day. Lunch is provided for the boys.

Parents are invited to join the Headmaster for coffee when they drop the boys off for their assessments.

We ask parents to provide a copy of their son's most recent school report and we will also contact each boy's current school to ask for a reference before the assessment takes place.

Waiting List

Following the assessment, parents are contacted to let them know whether their son has been offered a place, has been put on a waiting list or has not been offered a place.

Each year we have a short waiting list. Parents of boys who are not offered a place  are asked whether they would like to be put back into the application process for the following year.

Successful boys are invited into school for a morning at the end of the summer term to meet their new classmates and teachers. Parents are invited to a welcome evening to meet members of staff and fellow parents.