Term-Time Residential Trips

From Year 4 on all boys have a term-time residential. All the boys are expected to participate so the cost is built into the fee structure. The specific objectives vary but the principles of living and working together whilst facing up to a variety of challenges flow through from one year to the next. Currently the boys enjoy a stay on a working farm in Year 4 (Summer Term), a multi-activity course in Year 5 (Autumn Term) and a History-based trip to York in Year 6 (Spring Term). The Year 7 boys go to the Pembrokeshire for an outdoor pursuits trip (Autumn Term) and those in Year 8 choose either a cultural trip to Edinburgh, sailing on the Solent in 72’ yachts or the challenges of coasteering, rock climbing and mountain walking in Snowdonia or Surfing in North Devon.

Below is a compilation of images and film from a previous year's Year 8 trips.