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    Bursaries Available20/11/14

    A small number of bursaries, up to the value of 80% of the fees, are available for boys entering the school in September 2015... Read more
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    8D Drama Performance18/11/14

    On Friday 14th November and appropriately ending a week of Remembrance, 8D performed an anthology of work to commemorate the First World War... ... Read more
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    Anselm Kiefer Trip18/11/14

    The art department took 26 year 8 boys accompanied by 3 staff to the Anselm Keifer exhibition at the RA last Friday afternoon... ... Read more
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    Fire Fire!18/11/14

     Year 2 have had a spectacular end to their study of The Great Fire of London... ... Read more
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    Remembrance Service11/11/14

    In the climax of today’s emotional Upper and Middle School Remembrance Assembly, Pre-Prep teacher Christopher Halls stood in the gallery and held up one tiny piece of reflective paper.... Read more
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    All aboard! 11/11/14

    HMS Belfast, permanently moored on the Thames, was a fitting place for fifty Year 4 boys to spend the night of 7th November...... Read more
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    Evacuees meet againThu 20th November, 2014

    A group of Old Boys - all above the age of 60, attended a lunch in the cricket pavilion on Gallery Road to mark the first reconvening of the group which has for years remembered their evacuation to Betws – y- Coed ... Read more

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It is with a very real sense of pride and privilege that I introduce you to Dulwich Prep London.

Choosing a school has many parallels to buying a house. One immediately knows when viewing a new property if it feels right, if you could make it your home. It is the same with any school, you know quickly if it is where you would wish you and your child to belong.

Enjoy browsing our website and then come and visit and see if Dulwich Prep London is where you wish your child to belong...a warm welcome awaits.

Michael W Roulston   Headmaster

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