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    School Open 27th February26/02/15

    We are delighted to report that school will be open on Friday 27th February. Please send your son in with a packed lunch, and note that there is no school breakfast.... Read more
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    Thank you!26/02/15

    Many, many thanks for your cooperation and the speed of your response after our site closure; apologies for the weather! ... Read more
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    Pennock Centre Open Evenings24/02/15

    With the new Pennock Centre now up and running it seems the perfect opportunity to invite you to experience the facilities at first hand. ... Read more
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    Musical Events24/02/15

    The week prior to half term saw yet another set of musical treats starting with our Middle School pupils putting on an excellent concert for their parents on Tuesday 10th February. We then.. ... Read more
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    God and the Big Bang25/02/15

    Today it is our privilege and pleasure to host Revd Dr Rodney Holder, former Course Director of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, as speaker at the Leake Lecture... Read more
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    Rugby Sevens24/02/15

    This Saturday marks the start of the Rugby Sevens season.... Read more
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    Evacuees meet againThu 20th November, 2014

    A group of Old Boys - all above the age of 60, attended a lunch in the cricket pavilion on Gallery Road to mark the first reconvening of the group which has for years remembered their evacuation to Betws – y- Coed ... Read more

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It is with a very real sense of pride and privilege that I introduce you to Dulwich Prep London.

Choosing a school has many parallels to buying a house. One immediately knows when viewing a new property if it feels right, if you could make it your home. It is the same with any school, you know quickly if it is where you would wish you and your child to belong.

Enjoy browsing our website and then come and visit and see if Dulwich Prep London is where you wish your child to belong...a warm welcome awaits.

Michael W Roulston   Headmaster

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