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    Swimmers win Medal24/11/15

    Saturday 21st November was race day and our top 4 swimmers from Years 7 and 8 were competing in the English Schools Relay Championships at the London Aquatics Centre.. ... Read more
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    Year 2 Victorian Day24/11/15

    On Friday, Year 2 went back in time and entered the Victorian Classroom.  Pupils moved around the building in silence and stood to attention. No-one dared to speak unless spoken to..   ... Read more
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    'Mo Bro Day' this Friday24/11/15

    As team ‘Dulwich Prep London 2015’ heads toward the final few days of the month a reminder that this Friday 27th November is’ Mo Bro Day’ for Years 1-8 at the Prep.. ... Read more
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    Reception Christmas Play24/11/15

    The four reception classes performed in colourful costumes and learnt a valuable lesson about the importance of helping others. The central plot was Hansel and Gretel.. ... Read more
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    Year 2 Art Trip17/11/15

    Over the past few weeks, Year 2 have had the privilege of studying the artist M C Escher and visited his exhibition at the Dulwich Picture Gallery.. ... Read more
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    Swimming Successes17/11/15

    Congratulations to our swimmers who have been very successful in recent events: ... Read more
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    Pre-1975 Leavers' LunchTue 29th September, 2015

    On Saturday 26th September, 25 people, including 15 Old Boys, attended a lunch in the cricket pavilion on Gallery Road. Many of those attending remembered the years they spent in the Royal Oak.. ... Read more

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It is with a very real sense of pride and privilege that I introduce you to Dulwich Prep London.

Choosing a school has many parallels to buying a house. One immediately knows when viewing a new property if it feels right, if you could make it your home. It is the same with any school, you know quickly if it is where you would wish you and your child to belong.

Enjoy browsing our website and then come and visit and see if Dulwich Prep London is where you wish your child to belong...a warm welcome awaits.

Michael W Roulston   Headmaster

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