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    Rugby Success! 27/01/15

    Saturday morning saw our under 9, 10, 11 and 12 teams take to the rugby fields to participate in 21 fixtures against Northcote Lodge, Thomas’s Clapham, Cumnor House and Langley Park... ... Read more
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    Leake Lecture27/01/15

    Philip Brooke and Jeremy Limb gave the audience attending the Leake lecture on Wednesday 21st January a feeling for the power and colour of the medium of two pianos in their programme which included the Overture to the Magic Flute and excerpts f... Read more
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    New Drop-Off Arrangements6/01/15

    It’s impossible to get things absolutely right from the start and we value your feedback as we continue to tweak arrangements to make things smoother, particularly for drop off and collection, and I can announce two such changes which will come into immediat... Read more
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    Leake Lecture Series20/01/15

    Wednesday 21 January: Philip Brooke, Director of Music at The Prep, is joined by Jeremy Limb of the Instrumental Teaching Team to perform music written or arranged for two pianos.   ... Read more
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    Lower School Playground20/01/15

    Some new games have arrived for the Lower School boys in the front playground. Boys have been enjoying learning new skills with some familiar games and some new ones. ... Read more
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    Prep+ Cultural Adventures 20/01/15

    Prep+ took 14 to the Olivier Theatre at the National on Thursday to see the acclaimed Treasure Island. The setting of the turbulent voyage, the outer and inner side of the sailing ship... ... Read more
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    Evacuees meet againThu 20th November, 2014

    A group of Old Boys - all above the age of 60, attended a lunch in the cricket pavilion on Gallery Road to mark the first reconvening of the group which has for years remembered their evacuation to Betws – y- Coed ... Read more

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It is with a very real sense of pride and privilege that I introduce you to Dulwich Prep London.

Choosing a school has many parallels to buying a house. One immediately knows when viewing a new property if it feels right, if you could make it your home. It is the same with any school, you know quickly if it is where you would wish you and your child to belong.

Enjoy browsing our website and then come and visit and see if Dulwich Prep London is where you wish your child to belong...a warm welcome awaits.

Michael W Roulston   Headmaster

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