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    Focus on Football30/09/14

    Saturday morning saw us take part in our first big block fixture of the year. 24 Prep teams took to the football fields on three different sites to compete against Northcote Lodge.   ... Read more
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    Sheringham Adventures!30/09/14

    The Year 5 boys left in the dark last Monday morning for Hilltops, an outdoor pursuit centre on the outskirts of Sheringham in deepest North Norfolk... ... Read more
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    Prep+ Trip to the Mousetrap30/09/14

    18 boys and 6 adults were met by Agatha Christie’s grandson at the Ambassadors’ Theatre. What a treat!  We were taken through well told anecdotes about his childhood and conversations with his famous grandma;  ... Read more
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    Year 6 Teambuilding30/09/14

    Tous pour un et un pour tous - our school motto, and how relevant for Year 6 as they stepped outside their usual timetable to tackle a cross-curricular subject that will be an invaluable skill for life- working with others. ... Read more
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    Teddy Bears Galore23/09/14

    Last week the Early Years children enjoyed a Teddy Bears' Picnic. All the children made their own sandwiches and teddy bear hat and paraded...   ... Read more
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    Geography Fieldwork23/09/14

    Once again the weather was kind to us as 8P, 8D and 8L spent a day measuring the morphology of the Cuckmere River in Sussex for their Common Entrance geography fieldwork.   ... Read more
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    Summer Reception and DinnerSat 10th May, 2014

    On Thursday 8th May we hosted the Old Boys’ annual dinner. Spanning 75 years of Prep history, Old boys were joined by their guests and former and present staff.... Read more

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It is with a very real sense of pride and privilege that I introduce you to Dulwich Prep London.

Choosing a school has many parallels to buying a house. One immediately knows when viewing a new property if it feels right, if you could make it your home. It is the same with any school, you know quickly if it is where you would wish you and your child to belong.

Enjoy browsing our website and then come and visit and see if Dulwich Prep London is where you wish your child to belong...a warm welcome awaits.

Michael W Roulston   Headmaster

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