Year 8 trip to Tate Modern

Posted: 7th September 2016

The new creative programme started with the art rotation being taken to the Tate Modern. The visit to the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition is the starting point for their art course which extends over the next two months. From the self-guided tour and inspiration generated, research, drawing and photography montage and colour work will develop into a series of mixed media paintings.

We also took the boys across the Bridge to the Boiler House exhibition space and on up to the viewing gallery, Floor 10 where the year 8 boys used their photography expertise and took photographs of interlocking forms, structures and cityscape images.

The boys were a delight to have out for the afternoon, interested and stimulated, where good interactive discussions took place and inspiring images were taken through the camera lense. We look forward to the paintings evolving over the next couple of months.

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