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The Real Inspector Hound

Posted: 23rd May 2018

Monday night saw the last of this year’s series of Year 8 Plays, with the boys from 8P performing Tom Stoppard’s seminal classic, THE REAL INSPECTOR HOUND.

Part whodunnit, part surreal meta-theatre, part comedy, the piece follows two critics (Henry and James) who are reviewing The Murder at Muldoon Manor, a second-rate murder mystery. With one critic lusting after the leading actress, and the other critic lusting after the head critic position at his paper, things take a turn for the worst as they are consummed into the story in a cunning and unexpected twist that has macabre results.

With the rest of the cast taking over-the-top characters, including Theo as Mrs Drudge, the help, Martin  as Major Mukdoon, Kian  as Felicity the young ingénue, Callum  as rich Lady Cynthia, and Leonardo as Simon, the reckless wag at the centre of the mystery, the boys used an expert sense of comedy and storytelling to bring this usually A-Level text to life. Mysteries abounded, plots were twisted, and a good time was had by all.

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