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National Theatre tour

Posted: 24th May 2019

Year 8 Creative Rotation were lucky that the sun shone all afternoon last Friday when we went to the National Theatre to take part in their brilliant backstage tour.  We had enough time beforehand to look at the amazing riverfront architecture and compare the building techniques of the bridges old and new. 

The tour itself was a revelation as we sat in the Lyttleton theatre and saw 20 members of the stage team roll the set forwards in front of us while the roof of the structure was lowered on impressive ropes and slotted into precise positions!  Magic!  To quote the boys –

My favourite bit was the construction area as we got to see how they manufactured all the products that go into the plays and how detailed they are.  Their workshop looked like the DT room but they can create a lot more than we do and I would be excited to do that.

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