Lower School and Middle School Swimarathon

Posted: 15th May 2023

Last year, the boys in Lower School and Middle School changed the lives of eight boys in Uganda through a sponsored readathon. This money enabled the eight boys to attend a local primary school. Since then, the boys have exchanged letters and updated us on how their school year has progressed.

Over the past few weeks, the boys in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 have dedicated their swimming lessons to swimming as many lengths as possible to raise money for The Huge Partnership. The swimarathon raised over £6,500, ensuring that Fred, Joseph, Ronald, Vincent, Shadick, Dan, Justus and Arnold can continue to attend their school in Uganda school for the next academic year.

Overall our boys swam 9506 lengths, approximately 148 miles, or the distance from Dulwich to Cardiff!


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