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Putting values at the forefront of boys’ education

14th May 2020

We want our boys to experience the very best in pastoral care, teaching and learning, enjoy the most dynamic and demanding academic and co-curricular programmes, and make friends for life….

The Early Years Classroom, A Clear Direction for Dulwich Prep London

1st September 2022

…materials. Our decision to refurbish and redesign our classrooms was not taken lightly, nor was it taken because it is currently ‘on-trend’. For us at Dulwich Prep London, the aim…


14th May 2020

At Dulwich Prep London we operate in Sections, each with two year groups of pupils. This arrangement enables us to tailor our pastoral care, curriculum and co-curricular provision to the…

Betws to Betws

11th October 2021

On Thursday 7th October, a courageous group of Dulwich Prep London Alumni and staff set off from the Royal Oak in Betws-y-Coed, embarking on a four-day, 400km journey back to…

A Journey From Dulwich Prep London to Pakistan

15th May 2023

The Easter break at Dulwich Prep London is an extremely busy time as we send off several residential trips, including a ski trip to Austria and a Geography trip to…

Year 2 visit to London

5th October 2016

Last week Year 2 spent an enjoyable day at the Museum of London exploring the 350th anniversary exhibition of The Great Fire of London. Excitement filled the air as the…

The Great Fire of London!

2nd October 2019

…of London with the help of the Freshwater Theatre Company. The children explored what life was like for residents of London at that time, the causes of the fire and…

Swimmers crowned London Champions

18th May 2016

Nine days on from being crowned National Champions the Year 7 and 8 swim squad boys were back in action competing in the London Independent Schools Grand Final. As the…