Art department half term charity work

Art department half term charity work

Mr McNiven spent 4 days volunteering in the Care for Calais warehouse over half term,  and using funds raised from the summer term's art sale was able to deliver the following items when they were most needed, in the days running up to the eviction of  'The Jungle' Refugee camp.                           

  • 30 childrens' warm waterproof jackets
  • 50 rucksacks
  • 70 adults' waterproof jackets
  • 100 pairs of socks
  • 68 woolly hats
  • 80 pairs of gloves
  • 250 toothbrushes
  • 72 tubes of toothpaste
  • 54 deodorant sticks
  • 120 packets of biscuits
  • 44 mobile phones
  • 350 Euros worth of credit

He spent time shopping for the above items, sorting through mountains of clothes, shoes and bedding, chopping firewood and even enjoyed a game of cricket with Afghan refugees.

You may be able to see him fielding at midwicket in this photo.


Thank you to all who supported the art sale, enabling this much needed supported to be provided. 


Meanwhile, in Sicily Mr Smart was able to visit La Fenice three times and purchased a 60inch plasma screen TV with surround sound which is going to be a great addition to the young men's free time enabling them to watch their beloved football. The TV was installed within one day of purchase!

Also a bicycle weight machine was bought for their gym area.  The commune is extremely grateful and thrilled with the continued support Dulwich Prep is offering.