Breakfast is available at our Alleyn Park site from 07:30 to 08:00 and served in the Dining Hall for pupils and family members. We are trialling a cashless system at a fixed price of £2.50 per breakfast per person, this is recorded during breakfast registration and the cost is added into the school fees

Pupils in Early Years and Pre-Prep are served a hot meal each lunch time with a choice of salad. They have bread and a range of puddings to choose from and they are served water.

Lunch for boys in Year 3 and above operates on a cafeteria system. There is a choice of hot and cold food, including hot meat and vegetarian dishes, as well as a salad bar and choice of cold meats and cheese. There is also a choice of hot and cold dessert dishes, including fruit and yoghurt. Drinks are available at the table.

Every day menus offered to our pupils include a wide variety of ingredients and cooking styles to ensure that the pupils receive a balanced diet and learn about a range of foods. The menus will feature an array of delicious soups, freshly baked bread, wholesome main courses and interesting puddings, plus a wide range of fresh salads and fruit. All of the meals will be freshly made on site using farm-assured meat, sustainable fish and seasonal fruit and vegetables, often locally sourced.

Our catering team supports vegetarians and pupils who require a special diet.