Prep+ Cultural Adventures

Launched in 2012,  Prep+ is a programme of cultural ‘adventures’ which encompasses the arts, theatre, concerts and opera.   We hope you enjoy browsing the new events and will be able to participate.  

Prep+ is open to boys in Years 5, 6, 7 and 8 and their parents and Prep staff. For all outside school events boys will be accompanied by staff, transport will be arranged and they will be brought back to school for pick up at the times indicated. Only Upper School boys (Years 7 and 8) may attend evening trips individually and priority for tickets will be given to them. Middle School boys (Years 5 and 6) have found that the late evenings out on school days are often quite challenging. If an evening event is deemed appropriate for the Middle School boys then we ask a parent or carer to book a ticket to attend with them. This is not necessary for daytime events in the holidays or weekends.

Prep+ is the perfect way to enrich our appreciation of the wealth of arts events and cultural experiences on offer in our capital city. 

All booking should be made via the Parent Message Centre

Prep+ Autumn 2019