Summer Sailing Trip

Summer Sailing Trip

One could argue there are very few better ways to begin your summer holiday than spending it sailing in southern France.  At least this was what the 30 eager boys were thinking as they set off on their 11 hour trip from Alleyn Park to the idyllic lake near Azur.  


As the boys rolled out their sleeping bags and got ready to spend their first night camping, excited whispers were barely audible as the rain pelted the outer shell of the tents.  The next morning, as the sound of rain petered, a steady stream of Prep boys emerged from their respective tents ready for their first day of sailing.  


Staff were ‘treated’ to a wide range of attire as some boys decided to embrace the rain and walk to breakfast in a full body wetsuit, whilst others were still acclimatising to the weather by hiding under a double fleeced bathrobe…  Fortunately, the weather held for the remainder of the trip and the boys enjoyed a wonderful week sailing. 

With the sun shining and wind blowing, every boy achieved, or worked towards, the next level in the Royal Yacht Association accreditation.  Regardless of whether it was their first or forty first attempt at sailing, every boy listened intently to what the instructors had to say and improved enormously.  


Aqualand, one of Europes biggest water theme parks, was a big hit and even the staff could be found running up the stairs to the next ride.  Evenings were spent playing mini-golf, running over muddy banks or sitting on the edge of a pontoon watching the sun set behind the lake.  It was the perfect start to a summer holiday.