ISI Inspections

The school’s recent ISI Inspections took place in May 2023 (Material Change), September 2022 (Regulatory Compliance) and October 2018 (Integrated Compliance and Education Quality).

We are pleased to share that each time the school has met all the expected compliance standards and is rated excellent in all areas of educational quality. Please read the full reports for further details.

Material Change Inspection May 2023 Full Report

Regulatory Compliance Inspection September 2022 Full Report

Integrated Compliance & Educational Quality Inspection 2018 Full Report

ISI Integrated Inspection Oct 2018

“Pupils are highly successful in gaining entry to senior schools, achieving a high level of success in scholarships and national competitions in a wide range of disciplines”

ISI Integrated Inspection October 2018

“Pupils have excellent attitudes towards their learning; they engage in independent and collaborative tasks with maturity and enthusiasm”

ISI Integrated Inspection October 2018

“Pupils of all abilities respond positively to academic challenge and this is reflected in the rapid development of their knowledge, understanding and skills”

ISI Integrated Inspection October 2018

“Pupils are excellent communicators, confidently applying their skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing to all areas of their learning”

ISI Integrated Inspection October 2018

“Pupils show outstanding social skills.  They demonstrate high standards of behaviour, are respectful of others and work well together towards common goals”

ISI Integrated Inspection October 2018

“Older pupils make a significant contribution to the school and wider community, undertaking leadership roles with enthusiasm and commitment”

ISI Integrated Inspection October 2018

“Pupils across the school understand the importance of staying safe and adopting a healthy lifestyle”

ISI Integrated Inspection October 2018
Registration Deadline

Our Friday 3 November 2023 registration deadline for 2024 entry into Nursery, Reception and Years 1 to 8 is fast approaching.

Our new senior school opens in September 2025. Registration for deferred entry into Year 9 for 2025 or 2026 closes on Friday 5 January 2024.

Please note: our Reception entry assessment (4+) takes place mid-November, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to enrol for September 2024.