Our Ethos and Aims

Dulwich Prep London inspires excellence and our greatest success is measured by the character of our boys.

Our values sow the seeds of possibility in the mind, heart and spirit of each boy and create the right culture and the right conditions to allow these possibilities to flourish and become real.

Our school’s priority is the well-being and happiness of the boys. Each boy’s sense of belonging is paramount to his success and the continuing success of the school. Our boys are challenged in their pursuit of excellence and we support each boy as he finds what he is good at.

We want our boys to leave us having experienced the very best in pastoral care, teaching and learning, having enjoyed the most dynamic and demanding academic and co-curricular programmes, and having made friends for life.

In preparing our boys for today and the future we want to instil a sense of environmental awareness and to empower our boys to become responsible world citizens.

These are the key building blocks for the school, but it is our values that act as the cement which bonds everyone and everything together.

Our values create Dulwich Prep London’s special atmosphere.