Category: Eco

Eco Week in Lower School

7th June 2021

Before half term, boys all across the school engaged in Eco Week. They honed their knowledge and upskilled their actions in order to make their world, your world, our world a better place for all.  In Lower School the children began the week by thinking about waste, identifying all of the locations of the various…

Behind the Scenes: Our DPL Eco Mask Photoshoot

14th May 2021

Face masks have become a part of our everyday life and, it seems, they are here to stay for a while longer. As we look forward to celebrating ‘Eco Week’ during the last week of term, we are pleased to announce that Dulwich Prep London are producing face masks that have been made from upcycled…

Lower School learn about the ocean

30th April 2021

The boys have begun a new topic of study this term with the focus being ‘Under the Sea’. There was much excitement as the boys got moving by playing ‘Captain’s Coming’, listening to their Captain’s demands as they scrubbed the decks and climbed the rigging.  Using the Every second breath project as a stimulus, the…