Our School

Our school is a vibrant, energetic place to be; from the moment our pupils join us in the Early Years Section through to the end of Year 8 and beyond the school thrives on the energy they impart.

Pupils and staff have a shared love of learning and a contagious enthusiasm flows through the school. Our Governors, parents and old boys are highly supportive and work with us to drive the school forward.

Our facilities and resources are superb and an ongoing programme of developments ensure we are always looking to the future.

Dulwich Prep London strikes a balance between a long history and the traditions that comes with it and the desire to be at the forefront of what is new and best in education.

Most of all our school is a school for the pupils.

Open Morning

Due to social distancing requirements we will not be able to host our annual Open Morning due to take place on Saturday 3rd Oct 2020. This event will be replaced by a virtual tour and a chance to meet the Head Master at a live Q&A session.

Please complete our enquiry form if you would like to be contacted about virtual events and to request more information.