STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

At Dulwich Prep we take an integrated approach to STEM. This means educating our pupils in four specific disciplines, namely Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The pupils are at an ideal age to learn and explore the links between these subjects. Through an integrated approach to STEM our pupils are able to learn, explore and develop a range of problem solving skills that will benefit them in their senior schools and future working lives.

STEM is promoted across the school through a variety of different ways. Integrated in subject lessons and supplemented through themed based Science days, weekly clubs e.g. Lego Wedo or Lego Mindstorms, using Bee Bots in Early Years and Pre-Prep, working with Formula 1 projects in Design Technology, programming BBC Micro Bits in Computer Science and visits from specialist outside speakers. Often, STEM subjects focus on project-based or cross curricular learning. Pupils get to apply the various disciplines of STEM in a context that allows them to make connections between the classroom and the world around them.