Parenting Programme

“The programme has made a difference to our family life and I have already recommended the course to other parents.”

A former Prep parent.

The Parent’s Nurturing Programme is about getting the best out of family life. It provides parents with strategies based on four well-researched cornerstones of family emotional health; appropriate expectations, self-awareness and self-esteem, positive discipline and empathy.

The Nurturing Programme is not prescriptive but provides parents with choice and flexibility in developing their parenting skills. It offers a forum for learning, reflecting, sharing ideas and having fun in a supportive, relaxed and confidential environment. Each programme is run by two fully trained facilitators who are also parents of children at the school. Parents enjoy the opportunity to reflect on their parenting practice, and get a lot out of the course for themselves as well as their family.


Robyn Asher
Phone: 07769690435
Email: dulwichpreplondonnurturing@gmail.com