Pricing, Terms and Conditions


GroupDaily Price
Mini Scamps (Age 4)£50.00
Big Scamps (Age 5 & 6)£50.00
AVP Sports Junior£45.00
AVP Sports Junior£45.00

Sibling Discount

15% discount on 2nd sibling booked in one booking.



We accept payment via the following methods:

Debit/Credit Card

There is no charge for a debit/credit card.

Please note we do not accept American Express.



We accept all the following childcare vouchers.

AllsaveDulwich Prep London 38-42 Alleyn Park London SE21 7AA
Apple ChildcareDulwich Prep London  Account Reference CA00006295
Busy BeesDulwich Prep London SE21 7AA
Care 4Dulwich Prep London SE21 7AA
ComputershareDulwich Prep London SE21 7AA
Co-Op FlexibleDulwich Prep London  Account Number   85114053
EdenredDulwich Prep London  Account P20368127
Enjoy BenefitsDulwich Prep London  SE21 7AA
Fair CareDulwich Prep London SE21 7AA
Fideliti ChildcareDulwich Prep London  Account Reference  DUL004C
Gemeli ChildcareDulwich Prep London  Carer ID DU2609
KiddivoucherDulwich Prep London 38-42 Alleyn Park SE21 7AA   Account No: 44914
RG ChildcareDulwich Prep London Carer ID 22698836125
SodexoDulwich Prep London  Carer Reference  801869
Tax Free Childcare Dulwich Prep London  SE21 7AA



  • AVP Sports & Scamps is a trading name of Dulwich Prep London.
  • All bookings will be confirmed by email.
  • Selecting a payment type and confirming an order is regarded as acceptance of our booking conditions.
  • Orders left with outstanding balances, once a camp season has finished, will be passed to a debt recovery agency and customers will be liable for any additional debt recovery charges incurred to Dulwich Prep London.
  • Dulwich Prep London accepts payment by credit or debit card and childcare vouchers. Please note we do not accept American Express.
  • Complete child registration and childcare voucher full payment must be paid 10 days before attending camp, or your child will be unable to attend camp.
  • If your booking is made with less than 10 days’ notice before the start date of camp please bring your email confirmation (either printed or on a smartphone) to show the Camp Manager.
  • AVP Sports & Scamps accepts childcare vouchers as a form of payment for bookings. If you accumulate your vouchers monthly and wish to send them to us after you have made a payment with a card you can.
  • Lunch is not provided on camp. You will need to supply your child with adequate nut-free snacks and lunch. Water will be available.
  • A weekly rate is available when booking 5 consecutive days, Monday to Friday, at the same time. Adding days at a later date to complete a week will still be charged at a daily rate.

International Bookings

  • Children booked from overseas are required to have a good level of spoken English so that they can follow the instructions from the leaders and are able to communicate with the other children.
  • We do not teach English in our camps.
  • We require a local telephone contact number once you are in the UK, in case of an emergency.
  • AVP Sports & Scamps do not offer assistance with travel or accommodation requirements.

Pricing Discounts

  • The best available price will always be offered to you at the time of booking.
  • Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with each other. If you have multiple discount codes, the best rate will be offered to you.
  • AVP Sports & Scamps cannot apply discounts retrospectively and discounts must be applied at the time of booking.

Changing your Booking

  • If you give us 10 or more days’ notice you will be able to change your dates within the same holiday season, subject to availability, free of charge. If you wish to move dates to another season, this is possible on payment of a £5 which is current amendment fee. If you wish to move your booking to another season but cannot confirm exact dates then you may hold the value in credit on your AVP Sports & Scamps’ account, minus the £5 amendment fee. Please note prices may increase from one year to the next.
  • If you give us less than 10 days’ notice we will endeavor to change your dates within the same season (e.g. summer), subject to availability, on payment of a £5 amendment fee.
  • Amendment fees will be applied to your account at the time of amends, and thus will be either deducted from your account or need to be paid by credit or debit card.
  • We are unable to make any changes with less than 7 days’ notice.
  • If you purchased a discounted weekly price, and wish to split up the days across different weeks, your booking will then be recalculated using the standard daily rate, which may result in an additional charge.

Cancelling your Booking

  • If you give us at least 28 days’ notice before the date(s) you would like to cancel, we will refund all monies paid.
  • A refund will only be considered in cases of illness and on presentation of a doctor’s certificate. However, please note that there is a 20% cancellation fee in such circumstances to cover administrative and staff costs.
  • As we offer a discounted weekly price, if you wish to cancel a day(s) within a week, we will then recalculate your booking at the daily rate which may result in an additional charge.
  • If you give us less than 28 days’ notice before the date(s) you would like to cancel, no refund is available.
  • Please allow 10 working days to process refunds.
  • If you have paid by Childcare Vouchers, we will hold the amount in credit on your account. We are unable to refund the amount to you or your voucher provider. We may be able to transfer funds to another childcare provider.

Venue Cancellation

  • In exceptional circumstances we may have to cancel particular dates, in this event, we will try to give those booked onto the programme at least 14 days’ notice and will offer a suitable alternative if one is available, or refund all monies paid for the dates cancelled if preferred.

Adverse Weather Conditions

  • In the unlikely case that we are unable to run the camp due to adverse weather conditions, AVP & Scamps will offer a full refund or credit for another day.
  • AVP Sports & Scamps will endeavour to advise customers of any closure by means of email, text or notification on the AVP & Scamps website as soon as possible. The website will be updated with the most up to date information.
  • If customers are unable to attend camp during adverse weather conditions but the camp is open, no refund will be applicable.
  • Adverse weather conditions are determined by either an Amber or Red weather warning issued by the met office via local or national TV & Radio or via the website www.metoffice.gov.uk
  • It is the responsibility of parents to ensure children have appropriate clothing and sun protection.

Available Dates and Activities

  • All the information in our literature is correct at time of printing.
  • Changes may occur and, if so, AVP Sports & Scamps will inform parents via our website as quickly as possible.
  • Not every activity pictured in our literature is available every season or on every day.
  • Activity programmes are subject to change in the event of unsuitable weather or other circumstances beyond our control.
  • Activity timetables displayed on camp are a guide and are subject to change. Specific extra activities such as swimming are scheduled in as much as possible, if you are booking individual days, we cannot guarantee these activities will fall on those particular days.
  • Please discuss timetable changes with your Camp Manager and team.
  • The group age ranges are dependent on the number of children in attendance and may vary from the time of booking.

Extended Care and Late Pick-up*

*Please note that Extended Care and Late Pick-up will not be available for the summer 2021 holiday camp.

  • Our standard hours for all camps and courses are 9.30am to 4.00pm.
  • Doors close at 10am. If you will be arriving after this time, you must contact the Camp Manager to gain access.
  • All children must be picked up by 4.00pm if you have not purchased extended care.
  • Our extended care hours are 8.30am till 9.30am or 4pm till 5pm. Our Tea Time clubs runs from 5pm to 6pm.
  • Please note late pick up is after 5.05pm from Dulwich Prep London Pre Prep Building
  • All children MUST be collected by 6pm.
  • If for any reason you are unable to collect by 6pm, we ask that you call the Camp Manager as soon as possible.
  • Two members of staff will wait with your child until they are collected.
  • You will be charged a late pick-up fee of £20 for every 15 minutes after 6pm to cover the additional staffing cost.
  • If we have no contact from a parent/guardian by 7pm, we will contact Social Services to advise them we have an uncollected child.
  • We reserve the right to refuse future bookings from parents who continually pick up late.
  • You can purchase extended care as and when you need it.
  • If you have not purchased extended care and arrive outside of the standard hours, AVP & Scamps will charge you the extended care rate.
  • You can cancel extended care up until 10 days before camp and receive a full refund, or amend extended care 10 days before camp for no extra charge.
  • You may switch extended care between days.


  • All children in our care are covered by our Public Liability Insurance.

Friend Requests

  • The AVP Sports & Scamps ethos ensures that children will make new friends on camp. Camp groups fill up on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no guarantee that friends – or siblings – can always be placed together. Please note 4 and 5 year olds cannot be moved up an age group due to additional supervision requirements for this age group.

Health Policy

  • AVP & Scamps requires that all children who are ill or infectious be kept home for the full duration of their ailment, and for 48 hours after the last symptom occurs.
  • AVP & Scamps will only administer medication if it has been prescribed by a doctor or other health professional.

Toilet training

  • AVP Sports & Scamps asks that children attending camp have been toilet-trained. If a child is still in nappies, he/she is unsuitable for camp activities, and the company asks that the child is not booked onto camp.
  • AVP Sports  & Scamps understands that accidents can happen, and suggests that younger children bring a change of clothes. AVP & Scamps may ask parents to remove a child who soils persistently – in which case no refund will be given.

First Aid

  • In the event of an accident, first aid will be administered to children in our care, and the emergency services will be called if necessary.
  • Essential prescribed medication must be handed in to each child’s Camp Manager for safe-keeping. All AVP & Scamps First Aid policies are in line with Ofsted recommendations.

Notice of Absence

  • If a child is not attending a scheduled day on camp, parents/carers must telephone, email the Camp Manager / administrator to allow us to update records.

Lost Property

  • AVP Sports & Scamps is not liable for any lost or damaged property on camp.
  • Lost property will remain on camp until the last day of camp and should be collected before the last day.
  • Unclaimed lost property will be given to charity and will not be left at the school.

Photography and Video

  • Please be aware that AVP & Scamps occasionally take photographs/videos of children on camp for promotional and informational material.
  • If filming is due to take place, a notice will be put up in the reception area of camp for you to view on arrival. Please advise the Camp Manager at registration, if you have any objections.

Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

  • All electrical devices are prohibited in camp. If found, children will be asked to place the device in the Camp Manager box which will be locked and secured at all times.
  • Parents/Guardians are required to contact the Camp Manager if they wish to speak with their child during camp.
  • AVP Sports & Scamps will not take any responsibility for the damage or loss of any electronic devices that are brought onto camp.

Equal Opportunities and Child Protection

  • AVP & Scamps supports equality and welcomes all children, regardless of their gender, ability, race or religion.
  • Each child attending camp is of equal value and is entitled to equal access of opportunity.
  • We operate a zero tolerance policy on discrimination or bullying of any kind.
  • AVP Sports & Scamps has legal obligations in relation to Child Protection.
  • As a caring organisation, any suggestion of child abuse or neglect will be investigated and reported official agencies.

Specific Needs and/or Medical Conditions

  • AVP Sports & Scamps recognizes that the needs of individual children vary, and will endeavor to accommodate children with specific needs and/or medical conditions within the camp environment.
  • It is our policy not to exclude any child due to specific needs and/or medical conditions wherever possible.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to contact our Office on 020 8766 5529 to inform us of any medical conditions and special educational needs or disabilities, so we can discuss how best to accommodate the child, and consider whether any reasonable adjustments can be made to ensure they are able to fully participate and enjoy the activities on camp within the staffing ratios provided for their age group.
  • The needs of each child vary so decisions are made on a case-by-case basis and depend upon the level of support each individual child may require.
  • We are happy to accommodate a child with specific needs on a paid trial basis and reserve the right to review further bookings.

Behaviour Code of Conduct

  • AVP Sports & Scamps encourages a relaxed atmosphere on Camp and aims to promote positive behaviour at all times.
  • Upon booking you agree that your child or children will:
    • Respect the property of others
    • Be patient, honest, fair, and polite to others
    • Not use abusive or obscene language
    • Not be aggressive in the way they speak or behave towards others
    • Respect and treat others as they would wish to be treated
  • We have a responsibility for ensuring the well-being and safety of all children in our care and have approved procedures for managing behaviour.
  • The company follows a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination, bullying and persistent poor behaviour of any kind, irrespective of any special needs.
  • On rare occasions, and in more serious cases, we reserve the right to ask parents to remove children from camp. No refund will be made for any remaining days booked, and any costs associated with the exclusion, including transport home, will be the parents’ responsibility.
  • Full details of our Behaviour Policies & Procedures can be found at the bottom of this page.

Data Protection

  • We will use your details to contact you via email/mail or text with future information about our services.
  • You may opt-out of our mailing list when booking or afterwards at any stage.
  • We do occasionally make names available to relevant companies whose products we think may interest you. If you do not wish to receive such offers, you may also opt out of this at any stage.
  • Dulwich Prep London is registered under the Data Protection Act.

Parent Feedback

  • If you have concerns or suggestions, please tell us; we value your feedback and use it to develop and improve our services.
  • If you have a concern regarding camp, this should initially be raised with your child’s Camp Manager or Crew Leader.
  • If you are unable to resolve the issue, then the relevant member of the Senior Leadership Team will be advised and will attempt to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.
  • If you are still unsatisfied and wish to make an official complaint, then please submit the online complaints form on the website.
  • Your complaint will be investigated by a Governor of the school.
  • If your concern regards a safeguarding issue, then please contact the safeguarding team Dulwich Prep London 020 8766 5500.

If you have any other questions please contact us either by telephone on 020 8766 5529 or by email avpsportsandscamps@dulwichpreplondon.org We will respond as quickly as possible.