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Adventures in Cape Town!

Posted: 23rd February 2016

Following our adventures up Table Mountain we undertook a whirlwind tour of Cape Town over the next 8 days. 

Our next adventure was zip-lining where the boys took in stunning scenery whilst suspended on a series of zip-lines than spanned a distance of 2.3km. The longest line ran for about 500m and was about 155m above the canopy.  An adventure not for the faint-hearted that was enjoyed by every boy on the trip. 

We then shot off to Aquila Nature Reserve, the Cheetah Outreach Centre, The Spier Eagle Experience and dry land tobogganing.  Some boys were also lucky enough to visit the local crocodile farm and one boy even ventured into the water in a cage to see then up close and personal!

 Our final couple of days saw us visit the well-known Newlands rugby and cricket stadiums, as well as the township school of Luleka where boys experienced exactly how different schooling could be. 

Our final evening was spent at the Presidential estate where we were hosted by all the hosting parents from Rondebosch.   

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