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Years 5 and 6 Curriculum

In the Middle School the curriculum is delivered wholly by specialist teachers who are experts in their own field. A wider range of academic subjects are taught in sets, which help respond to the needs of each individual and provide appropriate challenge for every ability level.


Utilising the foundations laid in previous sections by class teachers, form tutors help provide pastoral support to the boys but also help guide their tutees through the academic rigours of each day. Subjects formerly taught within a topic-based approach become discrete lessons in this section of the school. Specialist Geography, History, RS, Art and DT teachers help each boy to  progress through thought-provoking schemes of work which help develop subject knowledge but also, and importantly, new skills relevant to each subject area.

Habits of Mind

Whilst the taught syllabus in each subject begins to look towards pre-tests and entrance examinations, the overall curriculum maintains an emphasis on the development of characteristics of learning by focusing on Arthur Costa’s Habits of Mind. Our reference to the ‘habits of mind’ helps broaden and deepen the skills of learning each boy has acquired through his time at the Prep, further preparing him for tasks or challenges he may come up against in the future where an answer is not readily available and for which a growth mindset is essential.
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