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Years 7 and 8 Curriculum

The Upper School curriculum prepares boys for exam success whilst continuing to foster a love for learning. Boys are taught to think and reflect on their learning and Costa’s Habits of Mind continue to provide a framework of learning which helps them face and overcome academic challenges. We recognise that the boys, at this stage in their education, are of ‘secondary’ age and require a curriculum and support network which is relevant, inspiring and challenging.

Looking ahead

In many subjects, the boys begin to prepare academically for their final exams which take place in the spring and summer terms of Year 8. The syllabuses embarked upon in Year 7 form the basis of subject knowledge that can be examined the following year. The spiral curriculum for each subject that began in the Early Years section now begins to come to fruition as boys put the icing on their individual cakes.


In Year 8, boys are placed in forms and teaching sets according to their destination schools and the style of exam they will sit. This helps ensure the delivery of content is appropriate for the individual and encourages a team dynamic, acting as a further level of support for each boy.   

Creative rotations

Beyond the academic subjects, boys enter a creative rotation through Years 7 and 8 where they explore Art, Design and Technology, Music Technology, Cooking and Computing. A careful balance between the academic preparation for exams and the broadening of an individual’s horizons is sought and managed. An appropriate work-life balance is encouraged so as to ensure boys are learning efficiently and effectively, but most importantly, with passion and drive.
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