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At Dulwich Prep London we believe in providing a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing. We want our children to flourish and confidently embrace challenge and change in a secure and safe environment, knowing that these strengths and coping skills develop resilience for life.

Values at the core

Our eight school values sit at the heart of our wellbeing programme, and underpin our approach, engendering good mental health; by demonstrating love, honesty, humility, self-discipline, service, courage, gratitude and justice, our pupils gain a greater insight into themselves but also, the ever changing world in which they live.

1:1 support, counselling and workshops

We know that the strength of our pastoral care comes from understanding our children and prioritising their wellbeing. We listen: our school counsellor is available throughout the day for boys to drop in and we recognise the value of giving our time.

Workshops, group sessions, parent partnerships, 1:1 therapy are all part of our in-school wellbeing provision creating an ethos of acceptance and a climate of awareness and respect. Pop-up mediation, yoga and mindfulness sessions are run for children who need to take a moment and reset during their day, and these activities are part of the full and exciting co-curricular programme that encourages our children to strive for All-Rounder status. Our graded award for 9-13 year olds which recognises resilience and rewards courage, diligence and commitment.


We celebrate difference, recognising individuals and tailoring our support to their needs. Our diverse community invites a sense of belonging and togetherness that is enhanced by the relationships between the staff and pupils and amongst the children themselves.

Mentoring programmes, peer support, Mental Health Champions, Restorative Justice, vertical tutoring, ‘big readers’ are just some of the ways that we invite the children to interact with each other, teaching the life skills of patience, understanding, inclusion and kindness.

Our values of service and humility help the boys see beyond their horizons to the world outside. The charitable works grow year on year, initiated by the children who at this young age, have already understood the impact their contribution can make.