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…the acquisition of knowledge and skills through study, experience or being taught.

At Dulwich Prep London we recognise that learning is an exciting journey upon which every student embarks and we understand that each student’s ‘learning journey’ is unique.
We believe that learning can be seen much like a muscle. The learning muscle can be fuelled, trained and subsequently strengthened by a plethora of different opportunities and experiences, each tailored to the individual.

Carol Dweck in her book ‘Mindset: The Psychology of Success’ (2006) details the concept of a continuum on which individuals place themselves when considering their own ability and where it originates. At one end of the continuum lies those who believe their ability is innate and that outside influences will have little effect on their development. Such people are said to have a ‘Fixed Mindset’. At the other end are those who believe that hard work, learning, doggedness and endeavour will directly influence their development. Such people are said to have a ‘Growth Mindset’. Fixed-mindset individuals dread failure, while growth mindset individuals welcome failure, seeing it as an opportunity to learn and improve.

Through an innovative and challenging curriculum, Dulwich Prep London seeks to foster a growth mindset in all of its students. Many educators want children to ‘reach their potential’. At Dulwich Prep London we believe that there is no limit to a child’s potential.

Through recognition of endeavour, appropriate challenge and the development of a learning toolkit we hope to enable every child to find success in the future, most likely in professions or settings that we cannot begin to imagine.

The Dulwich Prep London curriculum reflects the fact that committing knowledge and skills to long term memory is a vital process within the learning journey. With knowledge and skills learnt and practised, each child can more confidently make use of the opportunities provided to play, to create, to question, to take risks and to flex their learning muscles.The blend of confidence and opportunity is intended to inspire the joy of learning.