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Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions FAQs

What is the ratio of applicants to places?


Approx number of applicants
2+ Fledglings 16 Places 30
3+ Nursery  66 places 150
4+ Reception  30 places 80 
7+ Year 3  10 places 50
11+ Year 7 20 places 50
All other year groups Occasional places arise from time to time, please contact Admissions

How do you assess such young children for entry into Early Years?

We also offer a familiarisation visit to the 3+ and 4+ applicants which serves as a great opportunity for the younger children to see the Early Years before they come for their assessment.

On assessment day itself, children are seen in small groups (fewer than 10) to see how they play together and follow simple instructions. The assessment finishes with a group story or music and the children then return to their parents.

What kind of pupil are you looking for? (4+ upwards)

Dulwich Prep London is a fast paced academic school. We look for a well-balanced boy who is excited to learn and willing to make a positive contribution to the school, closely following our core values; Love, Humility, Self-discipline, Gratitude, Justice, Honesty, Service and Courage.

Do you accept late entries?

We have a closing date for all registrations in November of the year before entry.  We do sometimes accept late entries if there is a place in that year group. A recent school report and a reference are always required.

Why choose Dulwich Prep & Senior?

In our Early Years, we will allow your son or daughter to grow into themselves in an environment that is tailored specifically to the younger ages.

Further up the school, we offer a unique blend of supporting transition at the end of Year 6 and Year 8, whilst offering families the choice to remain with us through to our Senior Section.

  • We have specialist teaching in all subjects from Year 5.
  • We continue to prepare our boys for the very best schools in the country.
  • We allow our pupils to take on responsibility and enjoy being the oldest pupils in their section or indeed the whole school.
  • Our senior staff are very experienced at helping parents choose the right school for their boys and will begin discussions in Year 4.
  • We are a dedicated Prep School and as such we will prepare boys for their chosen school rather than simply planning for progression into the senior part of the school.

What is the ethos of the school?

The school’s main priority is the well-being and happiness of its pupils.

  • The school strives to develop ‘values’ that we will nurture in each of our pupils: honesty, love, justice, self-discipline, courage, service, humility, gratitude
  • The school seeks to challenge every pupil in his or her pursuit of excellence, and aims to support them in developing their full potential.

What is the Religion of the school?

While the school has a Christian ethos, we welcome people of all faiths and none. Our 8 school values serve to support our belief in mutual respect and tolerance.

Why choose ‘boys only’ rather than coeducational?

Research shows that boys learn more effectively in a single gender environment. We know that boys and girls learn differently and develop at different stages.

  • We can tailor our teaching, lesson timings, and the school day to be ‘boy focused’.
  • We train our staff in strategies that are specifically designed to support boys in their learning.
  • Single sex education reduces gender bias.
  • We champion boys and mens mental health and wellbeing.

Do you offer Extended Day Care?

Yes. Our Extended Day Care is called @38 and is available to all pupils. Find out more here.

Do you have a transport system?

Although we don’t run our own buses, we have an arrangement that allows our boys to use the Foundation coaches that serve DC, Alleyn’s and JAGS. https://www.dulwich.org.uk/foundation-schools-coach-service/home

When boys are old enough, we encourage them to cycle or walk to school.