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Future Schools Guidance

After Dulwich Prep London

Boys from Dulwich Prep London go on to the very best schools locally and nationally, many of them with awards.

Future School Guidance Booklet


Only by working together will we navigate the options and decisions which lie ahead. Throughout this journey, we hope the Future School Guidance booklet will provide a helpful accompaniment to ensure that all options are considered, the process is understood, and ultimately your son wins a place at the best possible school to help him to thrive after his time at Dulwich Prep.

Whilst there can be no doubt that striving for excellence, exam successes, and scholarship and exhibition results are important, it is the character of the boys leaving us that sets them apart. The values that we work hard to instil in our pupils, and that underpin everything we do during their journey through our school, are also the qualities that will allow them to continue to thrive beyond the Prep.


Our experienced team will use their expertise, knowledge about the future school options, and critically our understanding of the type of environment in which your son will thrive to inform you about the possible and the best options. We will be ambitious but also candid with this advice to ensure that you have a realistic appraisal of the options that you might consider. We will need to work in partnership throughout the journey, and be flexible enough to adjust as your son develops.

11+ or 13+

Most boys at Dulwich Prep London will stay to 13+. We philosophically believe that this is the best possible time for boys to transition to senior school, a view that is shared by most of the senior schools to which we send boys. That said, there will be a few boys who will leave at 11+ and we also support this transition point.


Depending upon the senior school, awards might be available for academic excellence, Art, Design, Drama, Music, Sport or even for all round excellence. Dulwich Prep London has a proud tradition of winning awards across all of these disciplines, although we are just as thrilled when a boy strives hard simply to win a place at his preferred school.

Popular Options

Alleyn’s School, Brighton College, City of London School, Dulwich College, Eltham College, Eton College, Harrow School, King’s School Canterbury, King’s College School Wimbledon, Millfield School, Royal Russell, St Dunstan’s, St Paul’s School, Tonbridge School, Trinity School, Westminster School, Whitgift School and Winchester College are just some of more than thirty different schools Prep boys have gone on to succeed at in recent years.