students in a Christmas party


Our values feed naturally into our community and charity work. At Dulwich Prep London, we believe that to help the local community effectively you need to be part of it. We meet regularly with our local community network to discuss needs and ways that we can meaningfully play our part. Conversations have led to two broad categories of initiative.

Local Schools Initiatives

Thanks to conversations with local schools, we open up our pool and support swimming lessons; we loan musical instruments and teaching expertise; we have funded wellbeing initiatives, and we run joint events, be they TEDx Youth talks, visits from authors like Jeff Kinney or talks from concert pianists.

Local Residents Initiatives

Thanks to conversations with local residents, we invite almshouse residents into Early Years; our boys, parents and staff host Christmas parties for our local senior citizens; we provide places on our summer camps to child carers and we have set up a club so that our boys can help look after our local residents’ association website. If you would like to discuss how we can work together on community initiatives big or small, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

Charitable Works

Dulwich Prep London’s community involvement, along with regular assemblies and trips, instils in Dulwich Prep London pupils not just an awareness of the needs of others but a real drive to help. Pupils, staff, parents and the wonderful Friends’ Association work incredibly hard to raise money for, and awareness of, a huge range of causes but we always make sure that the charities and causes we support are predominantly chosen by the pupils. For more details about our approach and the charities and community organisation we are currently supporting please read our Charities Booklet.

Pupil Voice

Whether it is a Pre-Prep delegation presenting to the Senior Leadership team on the need for better bins, feedback from the flourishing school councils, a presentation during an assembly or a whole school vote on which charities their parents’ quiz night should be supporting, the boys’ voice is always clearly heard.

Pupil Action

Whether it is a Pre-Prep Readathon or Lower School writing letters to pen pals in Africa, whether it is Middle School organising harvest donations to local food banks or Upper School pupils sleeping out to end youth homelessness, the boys’ enthusiasm is impressive. And, when they all work together to support whole school causes such as Movember or the NSPCC, their determination to do good is inspiring.