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Reception Class Assemblies

Posted: 15th March 2016

Last week the Early Years enjoyed four fabulous Reception Assemblies.

We began with a special news report from Magenta Class. Starting with the universe, coming down to earth and finding ourselves in London we learnt about where the boys live. Mad scientists, with unruly hair then appeared on stage and asked their friends to help them put organs into the Magenta Monster.

All About Me was the Purple Class theme. The boys explained how our bodies worked and used the PE equipment to demonstrate their balancing skills. They then worked as a team, reading a score and playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars on hand bells.

A green alien landed in a rocket from the planet Mars and wanted to know all about Green Class. There was much laughter, with loud buzzers, as an authoritative quiz master helped us discover some interesting facts about the individual boys. 

The scene changed for Blue Class. We were transported to a luscious jungle scene with vibrant costumes as the boys performed the Monkey Puzzle story. The monkeys went looking for their mum with the help of their butterfly friends and met some lively animals along the way.

All in all a very entertaining week!

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