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Year 2 Explorer Week!

Posted: 15th March 2016

Last week, Year 2 were very excited to have Mr Humphreys, father of Angus, talk to the boys about his Antarctic expeditions.  They sat in awe as he showed them wonderful pictures of vast expanses of uncharted territory and mountains that had never been climbed. The boys were able to try on special equipment and clothing used for the expedition. They were brimming with questions and left inspired to become future explorers.

Later that week, the boys travelled to the Early Years with their magnifying glasses, binoculars and bug catchers. Inspired by the adventures of Charles Darwin, the boys explored the woods and collected as many different types of leaves, twigs and insects as they could find. They used information texts to help identify what they had found. Finally, the boys earned their Explorer badges by completing a list of fifteen challenges including working together to transport their team across ‘the crocodile infested swamp’ using only three small hoops.

The boys also had the chance to visit Mr Tobenhouse in the Upper School. They were enthralled by the fascinating and emotional tale of the Polar explorers racing to the South Pole. They even saw one of the sledges taken by Robert Falcon Scott on his famous expedition, hanging on the classroom wall. 

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