Fun on the Farm for Year 4

Posted: 4th May 2016

What an amazing week for Year 4 boys! They enjoyed being out and about on an organic farm in all weathers; experiencing rain, snow, hail, thunder and lightning with bitterly cold winds from the north but some very welcome sunshine in between!

(Scroll Down to see the films about this fabulous trip)

They built dens in the woods and learnt how to light fires with flint and steel. Some boys were keen to share their own songs for us to join in with as they sang around the evening campfire and toasted marshmallows before bedtime.

They fed the pigs and the chickens, took goats for walks, tasted new herbs, planted vegetables, moved manure and went orienteering. They learnt about many farm animals and their life cycles and gained a good understanding of how an organic farm works. 

On top of all this they made up their own beds (pillow cases and duvets are trickier than they realised!), made sandwiches for lunch (some interesting food combinations…) and kept their rooms tidy for the room tidiness competitions (some better organised than others!)

Staff saw growing leadership skills and increasing independence from them all and enjoyed witnessing the strengthening of friendships both old and new. Most of all, the boys had 3 days of fresh country air and a lot of fun. 

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