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Walk to School Week 16th – 20th May

Posted: 13th May 2016

Monday 16th – Friday 20th May 2016 is Walk to School Week. This national event is designed to promote the health and lifestyle benefits of walking. Our hope is that by supporting the scheme we can encourage our pupils, parents and carers to begin their day with a walk. 

We are going to operate a sticker collection scheme. Clearly identifiable staff will be at each of the points shown on the map below from 7:50am until 8:10am each morning. (Download the pdf for a larger version) Children who pass one of these check points should collect a sticker which contributes to their class tally at the end of the week. The point on Gallery Road will re-open from 8:25am until 8:45am to allow Early Years pupils to join in. There is nothing to stop a child passing more than one check point and collecting more than one sticker on the way to school.

Parents of pupils below Year 5 wishing to participate would be expected to ensure that their children are accompanied. Whilst the sticker collection points have been chosen because they are on ‘safe’ routes to school, with minimal, supervised or traffic-light controlled road crossings, it is entirely at the discretion of the parents of older children as to whether they are accompanied. If a child is to walk to school alone we would expect parents to specify the route and crossings to be used.

School staff will not be available to walk children to school other than from our regular ‘Walking Bus’ drop off point at the Alleyn’s Head.

Explanation and Map

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