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Chippeway Tribe Shout Champions

Posted: 29th June 2016

Now a regular feature of Open Morning, 2016 saw the 5th annual Tribe Shout with every boy in Middle and Upper School, in the four Tribes, taking to the outdoor stage to perform to a 100+ strong audience of parents, families, supporters and teachers.

The theme this year was Country Music. Mohican gave a rousing performance of Sweet Home Alabama.  This classic song wowed the audience with many mouthing along to the words. Chippeway brought Dolly Parton to stage, or at least would have done but for the great adaptation of the words from 9 to 5 over to 8 – 4 – in order to be more ‘boy friendly’.   Ojibwas brought precision and colour to the stage with a highly affective and energetic rendition of Deep in the Heart of Texas. ‘Hats off’ to them!  Deerfeet brought the biggest accompanying band to stage who ably supported that great Johnny Cash number, Ring of Fire. Indubitably Country and expertly delivered.

Thanks are due to all the boys who took part, the staff who joined in and the members of the music department who worked with each Tribe.  Congratulation to Chippeway who were adjudged the victors on the day by our guest speaker at Prize Giving, Simon Thorp. At least we can now say that every Tribe has won the Shout at least once.

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