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The Prefect Teams

Posted: 7th September 2016

During my lunches with the Year 8 boys last year, at which everything and anything is discussed (within reason!) it became clear that a major disappointment for the majority of boys was not being selected as a school prefect.  As one boy explained, ‘The boys who are selected as prefects already possess many of the strengths and attributes of leadership, hence their selection.  So in the prefect role they get to grow even stronger.  The boys who are not selected don’t get this opportunity to develop these skills and so the ability and confidence gap widens.’  This was the catalyst for a review and the outcome, a new prefect system for 2016-17.

All the Year 8 boys will get a chance to be a prefect for a ten week block during the course of the year. The prefect team will wear white shirts, prefect badges and Senior Boys’ ties so that their peers, the younger boys and staff see them clearly and can approach them for help around school if necessary.

They will cover all the duties at school during this period including: the ‘meet and greet’ in the mornings; patrols at break and lunch time to help and assist the younger boys and duty staff; helping at the lunch queue and doing various other small but important tasks and roles in and around school. They will have regular meetings during this time for support and help.

‘Prefect Teams’ will give all the boys a chance to experience some leadership, take responsibility and show initiative. Of course, all the Year 8 Senior Boys will be encouraged to do this throughout the year as well. It is hoped many of the ‘service’ opportunities in the Pre-Prep and Lower School will go to the Year 8 boys not on the prefect team at that stage and that every Year 8 boy will participate in service opportunities. The younger boys love their company!

The boys seem very happy with the change and are keen to start.  We look forward to them all having a chance to shine and flourish in their final year.

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