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Chippeways win Year 5 Tribe Football tournament

Posted: 28th September 2016

With a gloriously sunny morning and Gallery Road looking magnificent, we could not have asked for a more perfect setting for the Year 5 Tribe football matches last weekend.

The entire year group were out with several family supporting, so there was a wonderful buzz of excitement around the place. The quality of the football played was superb and the goals soon began to flow as fast as the coffee. The competition was amazingly closely matched with two groups being decided on goal difference in the end.

The C tribe group was won by the Chippeways by a goal difference of 1. The Mohicans won the B tribe group a little more comfortably, whilst the Ojibwas just pipped the Chippeways to the A tribe by a margin of 2 goals.

The overall results came in and the anticipation matched the occasion. The Chippeways had won by just 1 point from the Mohicans.

It was a brilliant morning and fun was had by all. Many thanks to those who turned out to support.

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