Lower School Lorry Experience

Posted: 12th October 2016

On Tuesday 11th October, the Lower School and Year 1 were lucky enough to be visited by Marmot Recycling. They are a specialist food waste haulage and recycling company that operate all around the UK.

The boys were able to meet the senior managers of the company and have a look around some of their very impressive trucks. There was masses of excitement from pupils and staff alike when the 44 tonne articulated lorries arrived! 

The boys had a great deal of fun, but also realised how hard it must be to operate a vehicle such as these and how careful they must be around roads in general.

Year 3 have been looking at transport in the Roman era and had a spirited debate about how much easier we have it nowadays; with the use of trucks and other means of transport. 

It was a pleasure to host Marmot Recycling and the boys went away thoroughly impressed with the experience.

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