Inaugural Prep Panto

Posted: 13th December 2016

For the first time in its 131 year history the boys at Dulwich Prep London have performed a Panto …

Oh no they haven’t! Oh yes they have!

The year 4 boys took to the stage in full costumes to a packed concert hall of parents on Monday afternoon and what a sight it was. 

From the ugly sisters Beyonce, Rihanna and Taylor Swift with their lovely dresses, horrendous makeup and florescent wigs, to the perfectly still sarcastic trees cracking jokes from the back, the Year 4 boys entertained the parents throughout.

From the very beginning the audience were giggling or groaning to the constant stream of jokes from the boys. What made it even funnier was that the cast of boys looked like they were having a ball. When they saw each other over-acting in their moment of glory or making ‘rehearsed blunders’ they fell into fits of giggles which all added to the magic of it all. 

Until next year the cries of ‘he’s behind you’ from the inaugural Prep Panto will quietly fade into the long memory of the school …

Oh no they won’t …

Oh yes they will …

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Open Morning

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