Year 3 Christmas Stars

Posted: 13th December 2016

On Friday afternoon the concert hall came alive with the talented Year 3s performing their Christmas X Factor musical, Christmas Stars.

With songs galore and the boys in full voice the Christmas spirit truly shone through. The highlight for many parents was the stunning performance of ‘Heaven has Opened’ where the Year group split into two halves and harmonised perfectly together, it was a magical moment and one that will be remembered by the boys and parents for years to come.

The singing was not the only highlight as the boys spoke clearly and confidently as they each said their part. Each class seamlessly continued the story of Mary and Joseph trying to find somewhere to stay the night as they were turned away by some excellent singing inn keepers. A special mention must go to the boys that had solos in the performance as each and every one of them sang brilliantly.

The parents of the boys all left with a warm Christmassy feeling which will continue into the New Year.

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