Year 3 visit to the British Museum

Posted: 7th March 2017

Thursday saw Year 3 head off to the British Museum to take a closer look at Ancient Egyptian artefacts and sculptures as part of their Egypt Topic.  The boys started their visit enthralled as they learnt about the book of the dead from an expert in the Museum’s grand lecture theatre. The day was full of questions and fact learning as they navigated their way among varied artefacts and ancient relics.  Stopping to draw some of the intricate coffin lid designs the boys got a real sense of the craftsmanship and stories that were told within them.  Seeing the hieroglyphics first hand on the sides of Cartouches, tombs and upon 3000 year old papyrus was a real treat and linked so nicely with their learning experiences at school.  An informative day full of history and cultures was had by all. 

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