Pre-Prep and Lower School Maths Day

Posted: 15th March 2017

maths 2

On Friday the boys in the Lower School and Pre-Prep were treated to a day of maths activities and challenges to celebrate Maths Day. 

Year 1 journeyed to the Early Years to share puzzle games and work collaboratively before returning to problem solving challenges. 

Meanwhile, the Year 2 corridor was transformed into a travel agency and airport as boys used maths skills to plan a holiday, work out their budget, measure flight times and create souvenir pictures using pixels with the help of Year 8. During assembly at the end of the day, staff and boys celebrated the Maths Legends of the day who particularly enjoyed the challenges.

Over in the Lower School boys had fun while investigating STEAM powered Maths! This meant exploring Maths activities in the context of Science, Technology, Engineering and Art. They practised calculation in a Maths dice tournament, scrutinised this year’s RSPB birdwatch results, examined how binary code works, deciphered circuit mazes and recreated Sierpinski’s triangle in tribal colours. Brilliant fun and legendary learning packed into one Mathstastic day!

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