Year 4 at the zoo

Posted: 22nd March 2017

On a bright and beautiful morning the Year 4 boys set off in two excited groups for ZSL London.  The trip to Regents Park allowed Mr Topham the time to point out the various sights as boys passed through central London.  On arriving at the Zoo boys were split into groups and headed off in different directions to uncover the wonders of the differing animal zones.  Included within the day was a very interesting presentation addressing the adaptations of animals within the rainforest, inviting our boys to become scientists and explore the Rainforest exhibition.  It also allowed some brave boys to come into close contact with a Hissing Cockroach.  Particular highlights of the day were seeing some of the new arrivals to the Zoo in the Gorilla and Tiger enclosures; much was also made of the reptile house and its appearance in the now infamous film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.  Well done to all those involved in the day and special thanks to Miss Shilton for organising the day.

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