Year 1 Grandparents' Tea

Posted: 3rd May 2017

Friday saw another exciting first during Literacy Week at the Pre-Prep. We hosted a Grandparents’ and Senior Citizens’ Tea during the afternoon. The guests shared a favourite traditional tale from their childhood with the Year 1 boys who were delighted to spend some special time with their guests and listened attentively, sitting quietly and entranced while they were read to.

They proudly showed their grandparents, family friends and other relatives around their classrooms and then took them into the hall for entertainment. The boys performed songs from their recent class assemblies and then enjoyed a fabulous afternoon tea to rival Fortnum & Mason’s!

The whole experience was made all the more fun as it was dress-up day at the Pre-Prep. The boys and staff spent the day dressed as their favourite traditional tale character – a highlight was Mrs Savill and Mrs Whitehead serving tea dressed as the Golden Goose and the Wicked Step-mother! Our guests left school that afternoon with big smiles on their faces, telling us of the lovely memories they would share with the rest of their families over the weekend. It was the perfect way to conclude the wonderful ‘Story Telling- themed’ Literacy week.

Click here to see more photos from the afternoon. 

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