Ancient Greeks invade the Prep!

Posted: 14th June 2017

Last week the Ancient Greeks descended on the Lower School. Year 4 were in full Greek dress as they took part in their brilliant Greek Day. The excitement began in the morning where the boys were treated to a guest speaker who had come all the way from Ancient Greece bringing with him games and artefacts for the boys to explore.

Throughout the day they completed many tasks linked to what they have been learning this term. Instead of the usual Friday lunch in the dining hall the boys were transported to a Greek banquet complete with halloumi on skewers, Greek salads, chicken drumsticks and a plethora of fruit platters. The day culminated in a mock battle where they learned about armour, weapons and marching formations as well as a re-enactment of the first Olympic Games (fully dressed of course, unlike the Greeks).Replace with further content or remove this additional text…

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