Ce. Ome. Yei. Nahiu.

Posted: 3rd October 2017

Ce. Ome. Yei. Nahiu. 

On Wednesday 28th September Year 4 were transported back in time by Mexicolore to learn more about their Aztec topic. All the boys were immersed in chanting and counting in the Aztec language; playing musical instruments and dressing up to appreciate the different aspects of Aztec life. 

The wonderful, numerous artefacts mixed with video captured the boys imaginations and really helped them to visualise what life was like.  The Aztec punishments really made the boys gasp and they enjoyed cheering on the players in the Aztec ball game that finished our session. It was a fun, memorable morning.

*If you are wondering what the words are at the start of this piece of writing; you could find a Year 4 boy and ask them to translate. They are the Aztecs words for one, two, three, four.

Click here to see more photos from the workshop. 

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