Year 1 Fossil Work

Posted: 17th October 2017

Year 1 have been continuing to enjoy ‘brushing up’ on their palaeontology skills by exploring how fossils are formed. The boys created their own miniature fossil models, using blue tac and covered these with different layers of sand, sugar and glitter to demonstrate the levels of ‘strata’ and how layers form over thousands of years. 

They were also ‘Persevering Parrots’ in order to excavate chocolate chips out of a cookie with a toothpick to experience the patience and skill needed to be a palaeontologist! 

Finally, inspired by the important work of Mary Anning, the boys made their own salt dough ammonites which they are thrilled to be selling to parents this Friday 20th October at 3:30pm. The money raised will be donated to ‘The Dinosaur Trust’ – a charity which helps children with pulmonary artery hypertension.

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