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Fireworks 2017

Posted: 14th November 2017

The general consensus is that the Dulwich Prep London Friends’ Fireworks Evening seems to surpass its already high expectations year on year.

2017 was no exception and this is an evening which features in the top ten displays in London and is one of the largest private displays to be found anywhere. 

Darkness fell and the crowds began to flood through the gate and avail themselves of the various food and drinks stalls.  The field was awash with light sabres, blinking bug eyes and all manner of ‘glow in the dark’ gadgetry.  The bonfire, somewhat larger than in previous years, was lit at 6pm and swiftly condemned poor Guy Fawkes to his demise.  Half an hour later an excited group of boys (which seemed to grow by the minute) surrounded the P.A. microphone to lead the countdown to the main event.    10, 9, 8…   the crowd joined in and the display was underway.  For the next 25 minutes the dark skies above West Dulwich were ablaze with light and colour, with the air filled with the sound of exploding fireworks.  It was a sight to behold from the simply beautiful to the stunningly dramatic.  This display would challenge any major public event in the country.

Huge thanks go the army of people who make this event possible.  The Friends Association, in particular, with Fleur Dittmer, Sarah Baylis and Annette Cotterill at the head of the organisation pyramid.  To the dedicated team who set up and manage the fireworks themselves, we owe a huge debt of gratitude. (Eye of the Tiger will now, surely, be their anthem.) To the huge army of volunteers who helped in so many ways throughout the event. To the Early Years staff, the school maintenance team, staff who assisted on the day and all who helped in any way at all, huge thanks from all who had such a great evening on Saturday.  

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