Straw and Order!

Posted: 12th December 2017

Year 3’s performed a ‘Lawfully Good Nativity’ on Friday as they took us to a courtroom in the middle of Bethlehem. 

There were cross cows who felt pushed out of their stable and indignant donkeys accused of having invited over a whole host of people including a baby! 

Judge Grumps lived up to his name and grumpily left the courtroom to witness the night’s events first-hand.

He encountered bickering innkeepers, self-important wise men, cool shepherds with walkie-talkies, dancing sheep who liked to ‘move it- move it’, and a spectacular angel choir. Soon everything become clear as the judge was humbled by the sight of Baby Jesus and he and all the characters experienced the peace and love that this special baby brought. 

The boys sang and danced beautifully and delivered their lines with style and character. There was not a dry eye in the house as the case was closed and all the animals agreed to live in harmony. Thank you to the Year 3 boys for providing us with a lovely Christmas message and for their fabulous performance. 

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