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Boarding at Brightlands

Posted: 24th January 2018

Brightlands Boarding House is an incredible facility. It gives boys an opportunity to find out a little more about themselves, try new things and become independent young men. Perhaps most importantly, it is boarding on your terms. 

You choose which days. You choose how often. You choose the activities. It is progressive boarding; with your child at the centre.  

We want as many boys as possible to experience life in a boarding house. Not only could it inform their choice of secondary school and prepare them for life away from home, but it builds on our school values: love, self-discipline, courage…

An evening at Brightlands includes:

Prep supervised by a teacher Supper Free time Exciting activity Small cosy dorms Breakfast at school

This week a brand new, wider selection of activities were introduced to the boys, who eagerly voted for their favourites.

Each day of the week will be a different, enriching activity.

Keep an eye out for Friday’s mailing, with a finalised schedule.                     Contact Mr Stoker for enquiries!


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