Cookery Clubs and Classes

Posted: 30th January 2018

What could encompass fine motor skills, following detailed instructions, balancing flavour mixed with a little chemistry?  Cooking of course! 

The Cookery based clubs and creative rotations are some of the most oversubscribed lessons and clubs and for good reason. These are led by enthusiastic foodies – both boys and staff – and each day the smells of calzone, chocolate cupcakes or deconstructed chicken and chorizo pie fill the Pennock centre.

This term year 7s have been mastering various cookery techniques including rubbing in, creaming method, vegetable prep and knife skills, making a roux, etc. They aim to make a sweet dish on a Tuesday and then a savoury dish on a Friday which they can then eat for their lunch.  This week they are making iced cinnamon swirl scones and tartiflette.

The year 8s are consolidating their cookery skills and this week are looking forward to Dr Kozen, (mother of Leo in Year 1) coming in to teach them how to prepare sushi rice and make nori rolls. Little silver packets of hard earned culinary delights find their way home and always to rave reviews and smiles.  

If you have a culinary skill and would like to guide some budding master chefs please do let Mr Topham know.

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