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Is it Art or is it Science?

Posted: 6th February 2018

‘Was Leonardo Da Vinci an artist or a scientist?’, ‘how do we establish whether the work presented in “Body Worlds” by Professor Gunther Von Hagens is an educational scientific study or an Art Exhibition?’


These were some of the questions debated by our Year 6 boys in order to reflect on how the boundaries between Art and Science have blurred throughout history. 


Imaginative interpretation of microscopic studies of cells, bacteria, viruses and fungi, which were the starting point for their project, have resulted in a series of intricate and beautifully designed textiles pieces. The boys have embraced and successfully combined processes such as felting, batik, embroidery, appliqué and embellishment, responding creatively to the work of contemporary artists like Lea Anderson, and demonstrating great attention to detail, patience and abundant enthusiasm. 


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